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Got A Notice About GST? How To Tell If Something Is Real Or Fake

<p>The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs warned last week about scammers issuing phony GST summonses. It is urged that taxpayers proceed with care and confirm the legitimacy of any correspondence they receive from the GST authorities.</p>
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<p><strong>Why Is This Fake GST Summon in the News?</strong></p>
<p>The CBIC stated in a statement that the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) has discovered that certain people acting dishonestly are fabricating and distributing fictitious summonses to taxpayers who may or may not be the subject of a DGGI inquiry.</p>
<p>Because the fictitious summonses being sent out include a Document Identification Number (DIN), they may seem authentic; nevertheless, in the case of these businesses, the DIN numbers are not issued by DGGI. According to an official statement, “DGGI has been taking serious action to address this issue by informing and filing complaints with the Police against those involved in creating and sending fake and fraudulent summons.”</p>
<p><strong>How Can GST Summons Be Verified?</strong></p>
<p>Prior to answering, always confirm if a GST summons is legitimate. Sometimes, con artists employ fake summonses to trick taxpayers.</p>
<p>According to CBIC, taxpayers may use the DIN Utility Search on the Directorate of Data Management (DDM) online portal or the ‘VERIFY CBIC-DIN’ window on the CBIC website to confirm the authenticity of any correspondence—including summonses—from the department.</p>
<p><strong>Report Forgery Summons</strong></p>
<p>“Taxpayers who receive summonses from DGGI/CBIC formations that appear questionable or potentially fraudulent should report them right away to the relevant jurisdictional DGGI/CBIC office for confirmation in order to take the appropriate action against the individuals accountable for these fraudulent activities,” the CBIC statement continued.</p>

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