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77% of Indians Swiped Right on Artificial Intelligence Romance Scams, According to a New Report

<p>According to a recent McAfee survey titled “Modern Love,” an astounding 77% of Indians have reported coming across false profiles or AI-generated photographs on dating apps or social media.</p>
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<p>The research, which polled 7,000 people in seven countries—including India—elucidates the increasing impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the context of online dating and raises alarming questions about the potential growth in romance frauds and cat-fishing. The Market Research Company, MSI-ACI, sent out an email invitation to participants in January 2024, encouraging those who were at least eighteen years old to do an online survey.</p>
<p>Alarmingly, 39% of Indians said that they have interacted with fraudsters during online discussions with prospective love partners, highlighting the pervasiveness of romantic scams. The fact that 26% of respondents have inadvertently conversed with AI-generated bots rather than actual people is even more worrisome.</p>
<p>With 65% of Indians admitting to utilizing ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve their profiles and compose messages, it is clear that AI has a strong attraction in the world of online dating. 56% of Indians are thinking about using AI to write messages for their significant others as Valentine’s Day draws near, citing an increase in confidence.</p>
<p>But receivers’ reactions to this dependence on AI-generated material have been varied, with 60% indicating possible offense or pain upon learning that their Valentine’s Day cards were written by computers.</p>
<p>Eighty-one percent of respondents reported better results with AI-generated material compared to their original messages, demonstrating that, despite the hazards, AI is excellent at creating attention and reactions.</p>
<p>Chief Technology Officer of McAfee, Steve Grobman, emphasized the dual nature of AI in online dating, saying: “We know cybercriminals also use AI to scale malicious activity. The possibilities of AI are endless, but so are the perils.” Scammers are employing artificial intelligence (AI) to pretend to be romantic partners in order to steal your money or personal information, as more people search for love online in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.</p>
<p>Valentine’s Day is a great chance for hackers, thus McAfee advises people to be cautious online and provides helpful security advice. These include looking for trends in communications created by AI, searching profile photographs using reverse images, avoiding giving cash or presents to strangers, and consulting with family or close friends for advice.</p>

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