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Quest 3 Beats Apple Vision Pro, Says Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Despite Costing Seven Times Less

<p>With its more affordable Quest range of mixed reality headsets, Meta is one of Apple’s main rivals in the market. Comparisons will inevitably occur despite the obvious price differences—Meta Quest 3 at $499 against Apple’s entry-level Vision Pro at a whopping $3,499—between the two devices. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, posted a video on Instagram explaining why, in his opinion, the Meta Quest 3 is superior than the Apple Vision Pro in a number of areas.</p>
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<p>The Quest 3 is excellent at fulfilling the “vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for,” in Zuckerberg’s words. He claims that the Quest 3 delivers greater value than the Apple headset, which is seven times more costly. In his view, the Quest is also an overall superior product.</p>
<p>Zuckerberg emphasizes a few arguments in support of Quest 3:</p>
<p>He claimed that, similar to the Vision Pro, Quest 3 allows users to keep many windows open and has passthrough capture.</p>
<p>Another key area where Zuckerberg thinks his product outperforms Apple’s is comfort. He said that since the Quest is lightweight and without any cables to get in the way, it seems less substantial on the face.</p>
<p>He emphasized that while Apple has a better resolution display, Meta has a larger field of vision and brighter panels.</p>
<p>– He said that Meta Quest 3 maintains clarity whereas the Apple Vision Pro exhibits a kind of “motion blur when you move around.”</p>
<p>– Precision controllers, which Apple’s offering lacks, are a feature of Quest 3 that improves gameplay. He also thinks Meta provides users with improved hand tracking.</p>
<p>– You can view YouTube and play Xbox games directly; a Vision Pro app may be on the way.</p>
<p>Zuckerberg concluded by saying, “Now look, I know that some fanboys get upset whenever somebody dares to question if Apple is going to be the leader in a new category, but the reality is that there are open and closed models in every computing generation.” Yeah, Apple’s closed approach prevailed in the mobile space. That isn’t always the case. When it came to PCs, Microsoft’s open strategy was the best. Meta will be the open model in this generation, and I really want to ensure that the open model prevails once again. We have not yet scripted the future.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, Meta has a lengthy history of manufacturing headsets; their lineup includes models from the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3, and even the Quest Pro. There are also rumors that Apple is developing a mass-market, less expensive version of the Vision Pro. Future developments in the rapidly hot mixed-reality race should be exciting to watch. There’s no denying that more competition means better goods for customers.</p>

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