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Among the seven people the BJP has selected for the Pondy Lok Sabha constituency is Nirmala Sitharaman?

<p>According to reports on Saturday, the BJP has nominated seven candidates to compete for the Puducherry Lok Sabha seat, including Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.</p>
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<p>The Puducherry BJP held several closed-door meetings and deliberations on Friday, emphasizing the importance of the party regaining the seat from the Congress-DMK coalition.</p>
<p>With the approval of Chief Minister N Rangasamy, we have chosen seven candidates to run for the seat,” the party’s Puducherry in-charge, Nirmal Kumar Surana, informed this publication.</p>
<p>He said that chiefs of block units, state executive committee members, ministers, and MLAs had recommended a list from which the names were chosen. He said that the shortlist would be sent to the party leadership, but he would not reveal the individuals on it. According to sources, Sitharaman’s name has received a lot of support from party members, including ministers, MLAs, and other well-known individuals, on a shortlist.</p>
<p>But there are many moving parts in the process of selecting the chosen applicant. The party has to weigh the union minister’s candidacy against regional dynamics and preferences even if she is a well-known national figure. An additional layer of complication to the situation is the unwillingness of Puducherry Home Minister Namassivayam to enter national politics.</p>
<p>The Congree-DMK alliance’s projected nominee, V Vaithilingam, means that the BJP’s selection for the Puducherry seat would have a big impact on the party’s chances in the polls and its larger political goals in the area. Elections for the Lok Sabha are scheduled for April and May. The BJP, which is now in power at the Centre, hopes to gain more seats in the south since it did not do well there in the last elections.</p>
<p>“She is a well-known national figure.”</p>
<p>Senior party officials, including ministers, MLAs, members of the state executive committee, and block unit leaders, submitted a list from which the names were chosen. According to Nirmal Kumar Surana, the BJP’s Puducherry chief. According to reports, Sitharaman is a well-known national personality, but the BJP has to weigh her candidacy against regional dynamics and preferences.</p>

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