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Users of Netflix Can No Longer Use Apple to Pay for the Service: Here’s What You Should Know

<p>Netflix is informing users that if they are paying for their subscriptions using Apple’s in-app purchase feature, they will need to switch to another payment method.</p>
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<p>This noteworthy development follows the company’s same step in 2018, when it prohibited consumers from joining up for the service using their iPhone or iPad.</p>
<p>The streaming behemoth allowed Netflix subscribers to continue paying for the service via Apple’s payment system during this period, but the streaming behemoth is now ignoring it since Apple isn’t compromising on its share.</p>
<p>The Streamable was the first to notice this, stating that Netflix has requested that consumers adjust their payment method. Put simply, Netflix won’t be dependent on Apple as much and will be able to increase profits as a result of not having to pay Apple its share.</p>
<p>Additionally, you may see the recently revised language by going to this Netflix support website for US users. “In order to continue their subscription, some Apple-billed members in specific countries may be prompted to add a new payment method.”</p>
<p>In related news, Netflix has discontinued its most cheap package, which was $11.99 per month and included ads. Beginning in the second quarter of the current year, this modification will be implemented in Canada and the United Kingdom. Consequently, the $15.99 plan will be the most affordable option for Netflix users to watch videos without advertisements.</p>

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