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Meet the lady who left a lucrative US job to launch her own Rs 5700 crore business. She is

<p>Co-founder and chief operating officer of MobiKwik Upasana Taku is a fearless lady with lofty goals and the guts to pursue them. In the current fiscal year, she believes MobiKwik would quadruple its sales to Rs 1000 crore and will continue to expand. Being the son of a Kashmiri family, Taku’s personal path is equally amazing. He attended NIT Jalandhar to study engineering after being born in Gandhinagar. In India, a lot of new businesses are said to have been inspired by MobiKwik.</p>
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<p>Following her Stanford Master’s degree, Taku became interested in business. Although she was employed by PayPal and HSBC, she wanted to take on a more grassroots role. Taku relocated to India in 2008 and began working with Dristhee, an NGO. She does not, however, agree with the way NGOs are managed in India, according to her Outlook Business interview. Taku was resolute in the pursuit of her objectives even in the face of opposition from her parents.</p>
<p>In 2009, Upasana Taku and Bipin Preet Singh co-founded the e-wallet company MobiKwik, overcoming early challenges with fundraising and employment. Taku and Singh persisted in the face of prejudice against women, and in 2012, Taku founded Zaakpay, an online platform for digital payments. As the first female founder of a payments firm, Taku was recognized with a distinguished honor from the Indian President in 2018 and included in Forbes Asia’s Power 25 Businesswomen. In 2021, MobiKwik’s valuation was $700 million, or more than Rs 5700 crore.</p>

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