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Held in Hyderabad, the trailer launch event for the upcoming biopic Praveen IPS is available here

<p>There are plans to make a film based on the life of RS Praveen Kumar, the leader of the BSP party in Telangana and a former IPS officer. For this film, the name Praveen IPS has been decided upon. This biopic’s trailer was just made public. Praveen IPS, which Mamidala Neela produced, will be available on February 16. As the release date drew closer, Ramanaidu Studios hosted the pre-release event for the movie. Numerous celebrities from the cinema and political worlds attended the event. Producer Vivek Kuchibotla and senior director C. Umamaheswara Rao unveiled the Praveen IPS trailer.</p>
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<p>C. Umamaheswara Rao said that Praveen IPS will touch the audience’s emotions on this occasion. There’s a misconception that people won’t support films that promote principles. Films such as Mala Pilla and Raithu Bidda have shown how ideas and idealism captivate audiences.”</p>
<p>Nanda Kishore, the lead actor in Praveen IPS, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to portray RS Praveen Kumar. He reflected on how Vivek Kuchibhotla’s suggestion of his name for the part gave him the chance. Praiseing RS Praveen Kumar, he described him as a humanitarian guy who has helped a lot of people. As the Secretary of Welfare Gurukulas, Dr. RS Praveen brought forth several groundbreaking improvements in the realm of education, according to producer Vivek Kuchibhotla.</p>
<p>Praveen IPS, according to director Durga Dev Naidu, was his first movie. He expressed gratitude to Mamidala Neela for allowing him to helm a biopic on such a remarkable person. He said that while just some aspects of RS Praveen Kumar’s life were included in the films, a trilogy on his life should have been produced.</p>
<p>The lead actress, Roja, said that the movie needed to be presented to kids and that it underlined the value of education. Chairman of the ASKES Foundation Kolluri Sattiah said that despite several challenges, RS Praveen Kumar—who was raised in a secluded Mahbubnagar district village—performed well as an IPS officer. He hoped for the best for the movie.</p>

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