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Has Divya Agarwal Married Apurva Padgaonkar In secret? Recognize the reality

<p>Divya Agarwal became well-known after competing in Bigg Boss OTT. The famous person is now looking forward to her February 2024 wedding to Marathi businessman Apurva Padgaonkar. Recently, Divya Aggarwal called it quits on her romance with TV actor Varun Sood. Many of their admirers were upset to hear about their split. But soon after the split, Divya and Apurva Padgaonkar were engaged.</p>
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<p>Divya delighted her admirers on social media by posting images of herself and Apurva. Fans then anxiously anticipated information about their wedding. Recently, images that Divya uploaded of herself wearing wedding gowns became viral. There are rumors circulating that Divya may have wed in secret.</p>
<p>Divya Agarwal is seen in the pictures sharing her gorgeous wedding look, which includes a vivid red lehenga and ornate jewelry. She looked stunning with a veil pulled over her head, giving off the impression of a classic bride. Divya has posted a number of pictures and videos of herself wearing her bridal apparel, including a touching exchange in which she calls her mother on camera while wearing the wedding gown. As soon as her mother sees Divya in her wedding avatar, she breaks down in tears of happiness. Fans have speculated that Divya may have gotten married as a result of this depiction, which has spurred conversations about this heartwarming video.</p>
<p>It turns out that Divya wore the wedding gown for a photo session rather than secretly getting married. She posted photos of herself with her character from the web series that she will soon be in.</p>
<p>In the midst of the hectic planning for the wedding, Divya took a minute to tell her father how much she loves and misses him. Sadly, Divya’s father passed away from COVID-19. She posted a touching old picture of herself and her father, Sanjay Agarwal, grinning and smiling for the camera on Instagram. She spoke about their strong relationship and expressed how much she missed him as her special day approached in her poignant post.</p>

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