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In a viral video, Shah Rukh Khan wishes paparazzi a happy birthday while stopping by the Mumbai airport

<p>During his most recent sighting, Shah Rukh Khan paused to greet the paparazzi on his birthday. The celebrity and his security detail were seen on Tuesday night at the Mumbai airport. SRK smiled broadly and welcomed the photographers, giving the impression that he was in a happy mood. During the security check at the entry, Shah Rukh was encircled by photographers and admirers. Shah Rukh’s manager was then notified that it was his birthday by a paparazzo.</p>
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<p>After hearing the conversation, the Jawan actor turned to wish the photographer. Shah Rukh’s hand was seen to be kissed by the cameraman. The touching incident was captured on camera, and the resulting video has since gone viral. Check out the video below:</p>
<p>Shah Rukh was seen shortly after his representatives released a statement refuting rumors that the Bollywood star assisted in the release of military servicemen from Qatar. Pooja Dadlani, SRK’s manager, posted the message on her Instagram account on Tuesday. Shah Rukh Khan’s team branded the claims “unfounded” and denied any role in the release of the naval personnel.</p>
<p>“The office of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan says that any such assertions of his involvement are unfounded, emphasizing the execution of this successful resolution solely rests with the Indian government officials and unequivocally denies Mr. Khan’s participation in this matter,” the statement stated in reference to the reports regarding the alleged role Shah Rukh Khan had in the release of India’s naval officers from Qatar.</p>
<p>Additionally, our very capable leaders are the finest in all areas including statecraft and diplomacy. Like many other Indians, Mr. Khan is relieved that the navy officers have returned home safely and wishes them well in the future,” the statement said.</p>
<p>Regarding his forthcoming film, Toxic, Shah Rukh Khan and KGF actor Yash are probably going to share a screen. As of right now, however, there has been no formal confirmation of this.</p>

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