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Meet the actress who abruptly quit after suffering mental agony at the age of thirty and went on to become an MP

<p>Notable Bengali actress and TMC member Mimi Chakraborty said on Thursday that she was quitting her position as a politician, citing her belief that “politics is not my cup of tea”. First-time Jadavpur MP Mimi Chakraborty met with TMC chief and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee at the state parliament in the afternoon.</p>
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<p>“I got to see our party chairman today. On February 13, I had handed in my resignation to her. After all these years, I’ve realized that politics is not my thing,” she said to reporters.</p>
<p>Whether Banerjee accepted Chakraborty’s resignation was unclear, however. When asked why, in accordance with protocol, she submitted her resignation to Banerjee rather than the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chakraborty said, “Once I get the nod from the TMC, I will submit it to the Speaker.” The announcement is made several months before the general elections.</p>
<p>Mimi Chakraborty reportedly claimed that she was leaving the party permanently due to “mental torture” and “insults” from other party members, according to a News18 article.</p>
<p>Prior to entering politics, Mimi Chakraborty, a TMC MP, was well-known for her roles in Bengali film and television. Mimi, who had a long career in Bengali film, made the decision to enter politics in 2019 and ran as a Trinamool Congress candidate from the Jadavpur Loksabha Constituency in the Indian general election.</p>
<p>In Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, in February 1989, Mimi Chakraborty was born. She was born and raised in Deomali, Arunachal Pradesh, but eventually returned to her family’s ancestral home.</p>
<p>Mimi finished her education at St. James’ School in Binnaguri after attending Holy Child School in Jalpaiguri. She graduated from Kolkata’s Asutosh College with a Bachelor of Arts.</p>
<p>Mimi Chakraborty began her acting career as a model. She took part in the Femina Miss India pageant.</p>
<p>2008 saw Mimi Chakraborty make her acting debut in the Bengali television series “Champion.”</p>
<p>Mimi made her screen debut as the principal female character in the 2012 film “Bapi Bari Jaa.” Due to the popularity of her role, Mimi rose to prominence in Bengali film over time.</p>
<p>Mimi has contributed to many TV serials, such as “Gaaner Oparey,” in addition to movies. Additionally, she has created a number of lucrative motion pictures under Mimi Chakraborty Productions.</p>
<p>The estimated net worth of Mimi Chakraborty is $6 million, or around Rs 49 crore.</p>

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