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As executive producer, Priyanka Chopra joins the Oscar-nominated documentary To Kill A Tiger. “I Was Taken Apart”

<p>Priyanka Chopra has won over admirers all around the world with her abilities, and as a well-known person, she works on worthwhile initiatives. She just became an executive producer on the Oscar-nominated documentary To Kill A Tiger, which was helmed by Nisha Pahuja. The movie follows a father who, after his daughter is sexually abused, fights for justice. Dev Patel and Mindy Kaling have joined as executive producers, and it will debut on Netflix.</p>
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<p>“To Kill A Tiger, an Academy Award-nominated documentary, has an incredible cast. We are thrilled to announce that Netflix has acquired global distribution rights for this powerful film, directed by Nisha Pahuja,” Priyanka posted on Instagram. Upon first seeing this film in 2022, I was enthralled with its tragic story, which portrayed a father’s courageous battle inside the legal system to ensure justice for his daughter. This effort is proof of the unwavering will and limitless love of a committed father for his beloved daughter.</p>
<p>To Kill a Tiger, which is based on a little Indian town, is a 2024 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature. The film, which was directed by Toronto-based, Emmy-nominated director Nisha Pahuja, who is originally from Delhi, had its international debut at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. It was honored with the Best Canadian Feature Film Amplify Voices Award. The film follows Ranjit’s difficult quest for justice on behalf of his 13-year-old daughter, who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three men. David Oppenheim and Cornelia Principe are the film’s producers.</p>
<p>“Ranjit goes to the police, and the men are arrested,” said the movie’s official website. Ranjit is relieved, but only temporarily, as the villagers and their leaders begin a persistent campaign to pressure the family to back down from the accusations. “To Kill a Tiger,” a visually striking documentary, chronicles Ranjit’s difficult journey to get justice for his kid.</p>

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