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When Poet and Lyricist Kannadasan of Tamil Nadu Rejected the Kalaimamani Award

<p>It is acknowledged that Tamil author, poet, and lyricist Kannadasan is responsible for making songwriting more popular. The poet’s extensive output throughout a forty-year career cemented his position in Tamil Nadu history. Throughout his career, Kannadasan received several honors, one of which being the Sahitya Akademi award for his book Cheraman Kadhali.</p>
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<p>As if this weren’t enough, the well-known lyricist was also selected to receive Tamil Nadu’s highest civilian honor, the Kalaimamani Award. However, Kannadasan declined the honor at Cho Ramaswamy’s request.</p>
<p>Kannadasan was a 1977–1978 Kalaimamani Award finalist. He contacted Tamil actor, humorist, and politician Cho Ramaswamy shortly after the announcement to ask for advice on whether or not to accept the honor. “They should have given it to you within the first two years but they did not,” Cho informed him, adding that it had been 15 years since these medals were granted. These grants are made in accordance with the quota system.</p>
<p>“You won’t lose anything if you receive this,” Cho said. “The awards are what will garner more respect.” Thus, refuse to accept it. Kannadasan disregarded the Kalaimamani award on his recommendation.</p>
<p>During the course of his career, Kannadasan wrote 6,000 poems, 232 books, and the lyrics to almost 5,000 songs. In addition to the Sahitya Akademi Award, he was the 1969 National Film Award winner for Best Lyrics. For his role in the movie Kuzhanthaikkaga, he received recognition. Regretfully, Kannadasan, who was 54 years old, died away in Chicago, Illinois, on October 17, 1981.</p>
<p>Conversely, Cho Ramaswamy starred in more than 200 movies, wrote 14 scripts, and oversaw 4 more. In addition to his work in movies, he authored ten novels and almost twenty plays. In addition, he demonstrated his writing abilities in around 27 TV series in which he also acted.</p>

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