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“This series has been missing only the battle between Jimmy Anderson and Virat Kohli.”

<p>While there have been several intriguing matchups so far in the present Test series between India and England, fans and commentators are itching for a tough matchup between experienced bowler James Anderson and captain Virat Kohli. Among them is Nasser Hussain, the former captain of England, who is anticipating the match between the two titans of Test cricket.</p>
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<p>With personal reasons, the former captain of India withdrew from the first two Test matches; in contrast, the 41-year-old fast bowler was benched in the Hyderabad Test but came back in Visakhapatnam to take five wickets in two innings. Regarding their rivalry, Anderson has seven times in twenty-five Tests had Kohli’s figures.</p>
<p>“I hope he does come back,” Hussain said during a Q&A session with the Daily Mail. “The only thing this series has been missing is the battle between Kohli and Jimmy Anderson.” That’s something I’m excited about.</p>
<p>Hussain said that if Virat Kohli returns for the next three Test matches, the Indians would seem more formidable.</p>
<p>The one thing about India is that they have played a little carelessly in three of their four innings. Knowing Rahul Dravid, I can imagine that he was twitching inside about some of the recent dismissals. India will think, “Let’s be more merciless. We’re going to give England a sniff here.” Hussain said, “And Kohli is one thing that is absolutely ruthless.”</p>
<p><strong>It’s improbable that Kohli will return.</strong></p>
<p>The Press Trust of India said that Kohli is probably going to miss the third and fourth Test matches against England. His chances of making it back for the last Test in Dharamsala are also poor, but because that match is still one month away, the board isn’t planning too far ahead.</p>
<p>“The BCCI has often said that it supports the player in things pertaining to his family and that Virat would make the final decision on whether to make a return. It is doubtful that he would participate in the series as of right now, a BCCI source was cited by the outlet.</p>

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