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Following India Pacer Mohammed Shami’s ankle surgery, PM Modi wishes him a “speedy recovery.”

<p>Following Mohammed Shami’s ankle surgery on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished the Indian bowler a quick recovery.</p>
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<p>“@MdShami11, I hope you recuperate quickly and stay well! With the bravery that is so fundamental to you, I’m sure you’ll overcome this damage,” PM commented on X.</p>
<p>“Getting a handwritten message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi sir wishing me a fast recovery was such a great surprise. I am really touched by his compassion and kindness. Shami said, “Thank you very much, Modi sir, for your kind words and assistance at this difficult time.</p>
<p>He said, “I will keep working hard to get better. I appreciate all of your love, support, and well wishes.”</p>
<p>In January, Shami took a plane to London to get specific injections in her ankles. Nevertheless, the drug proved ineffective, and the quick bowler was forced to choose surgery.</p>
<p>The fast bowler claimed it will take some time to fully recover from his successful heel surgery to repair his Achilles tendon and resume playing cricket.</p>
<p>I just had a successful achilles tendon heel procedure! Though it will take some time, I’m looking forward to getting back on my feet,” Shami tweeted on Monday on X, posting many images of himself in the hospital.</p>
<p>The 33-year-old had surgery in London on Monday. The last time he played for India was in the ODI World Cup final against Australia on November 19.</p>
<p>Shami anticipates needing at least three months to heal, despite her desire to “get back on my feet soon.”</p>
<p>Thus, as reported by PTI last week, he would miss the Indian Premier League, which is scheduled to run from March 22 to May 26.</p>
<p>Shami is also a questionable starter for the USA and Caribbean T20 World Cups.</p>
<p>Additionally, it is quite doubtful that the pacer will be able to return before India’s October–November home Test matches against New Zealand and Bangladesh.</p>
<p>The highly anticipated away series versus Australia may be his objective.</p>

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