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According to reports, Xabi Alonso is expected to remain at Bayer Leverkusen and may pursue a head coaching position at Real Madrid soon

<p>Everybody is vying for Alonso. As heavyweights like Liverpool and Bayern Munich look for a leader to take over at the conclusion of the season, the Spaniard has emerged as a top target for teams around Europe.</p>
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<p>In a surprising change of events, however, recent rumors indicate that the former World Cup champion is reportedly contemplating sticking with his beloved Bayer Leverkusen in order to maximize his chances of playing at the illustrious Santiago Bernabeu in the near future.</p>
<p>Carlo Ancelotti is presently in charge of Real Madrid; his contract expires in 2026. Alonso may decide to remain in Leverkusen and wait for his time to ascend the Los Blancos throne, even with his impending success, according to information obtained by This is reportedly the Spaniard’s ideal destination.</p>
<p>However, given the vacancies at Bayern and Liverpool later this season, there has also been a lot of conjecture in the media recently over the Spaniard’s anticipated move from BayArena to what seem to be better pastures.</p>
<p>All of them are conjectural, but it would make sense for the former Real Madrid player to go back to the Bernabeu, where he had the greatest success throughout his career.</p>
<p>Alonso, however, is standing his ground for the time being and has said that he has no intention of giving in to these rumors at this moment since he is focused on helping Leverkusen win their first Bundesliga championship.</p>
<p>After the 2-1 victory against Mainz, the 42-year-old told DAZN, “Right now it’s just speculation.”</p>
<p>“This is where my head is at. We are quite busy. We’re at a very good place. All I can think about is how much fun we should have and how we should keep getting ready.</p>
<p>This past weekend, following a fierce match against Mainz, Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen team achieved a big milestone once again as they won their record-breaking 33rd straight game.</p>
<p>In addition to defeating Bayern Munich to become the German team with the most victories in a row, Alonso’s Leverkusen presently leads the Bavarians by eight points in the Bundesliga standings and is on the verge of winning their first Bundesliga championship.</p>

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