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Kerr and Devine of New Zealand will miss their first England T20I

<p>Melie Kerr and Sophie Devine of New Zealand will be absent from Tuesday’s first game of the women’s T20I series against England at the University of Otago Oval.</p>
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<p>Devine’s Royal Challenger’s Bangalore eliminated Kerr’s Mumbai Indians from the WPL yesterday morning, however because to travel issues from India, Kerr won’t be able to return to New Zealand in time to play in the first T20I, according to NZC.</p>
<p>She’ll be available for Friday’s second match at Saxton Oval, and Devine, who’s flying out of India right after the WPL final, should be able to come along as well.</p>
<p>Georgia Plimmer, a batter for the Wellington Blaze, has been called up to the team as a substitute, and another New Zealand player After the second Twenty20 match in Queenstown versus England A, a squad will also be chosen.</p>
<p>Plimmer will play in the second Twenty20 match before joining the squad in Dunedin. Plimmer was a player in New Zealand A’s loss against England A.</p>
<p>Ben Sawyer, head coach of the White Ferns, said that Devine and Kerr’s tardy return to the team presented a chance to add depth.</p>
<p>Sawyer expressed his disappointment at not having Melie or Sophie present for the first episode of the new season.</p>
<p>We have prepared for all possible outcomes since we have known for some time that this may happen. One benefit is that it will allow other players to put themselves to the test against a formidable England team.</p>
<p>Plimmer, according to Sawyer, was a great addition to the team for the first matchup with England.</p>
<p>Georgia will participate in the ODIs and has been a consistent member of our team for some time, so we are certain that she can contribute in the first Twenty20 match.</p>
<p>Suzie Bates will lead the team in the series opener in Dunedin due to Devine and Kerr’s unavailability.</p>
<p>On Sunday night, there will be an update about the second substitute player.</p>
<p>Antelope Sparks’s (c) Suzie Bates</p>
<p>Eden Carson—also known as Otago—</p>
<p>Northern Brave Bernadine Bezuidenhout (wk)</p>
<p>Izzy Gaze (weekly) (Hearts of Auckland)</p>
<p>Maddy Green of the Hearts of Albany</p>
<p>brooke Halliday of the Heartland</p>
<p>Fran Jonas, the Hearts of Auckland</p>
<p>The Wellington Blaze’s Jess Kerr</p>
<p>Marian Rose (Central Hinds)</p>
<p>Plimmer Georgia (Wellington Blaze)</p>
<p>Rowe, Hannah (Central Hinds)</p>
<p>Lea Tahuhu, magicians from Canterbury</p>
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